Friday, August 14, 2009

All you want to know about Mentos

The candies themselves come in two varieties. 'Mint' and 'Mixed Fruit'. Taste and color are drastically different between the two, but in every other way they are quite similar.

The shape of a Mentos candy is disklike, with an ellipsical bulge in the middle. They measure 3/4" in diameter, and at it's largest point, 6/16" tall.

Net weight is reported as 1.3 OZ/37.5 g, but this was impossible to confirm at the time of this writing.

Coloring of the mint candies is a chalky white, that extends throughout the entire candy. The fruit variety contains three colors, purple (grape), yellow (lemon), and orange (orange).

The mint flavor variety unsurprisingly taste like mint, and could be considered to possess a breath freshening function as well as a cool, menthol-like aftertaste. Mixed fruit have none of these properties, but are instead quite sweet. The differences between the flavors contained in a mixed fruit package are small. Color seems to be the only real distinguishable quality.

When chewed, the candies disintegrate into a gum like consistency, and if appropriate, release their breath freshening characteristics.


Mentos candies come in cylinder shaped 'rolls', with 14 included in each roll. The label consists of 'mentos' written in block letters, covering approximately 2/3 of the roll lengthwise. Next to this logo is the flavor identification, (i.e. 'mint' or 'mixed fruit') although flavor identification can be more readily obtained from the background coloring of the label. Mint has a misty bluish white photograph of many Mentos scattered about, while mixed fruit has a more colorful representation of the same shapes, including purple, orange, and yellow disks. It is important to note that the colors displayed on the package are actually much more vibrant and deep than that of the actual product. Do not be misled, all Mentos have a chalky, very light hue to them, no matter what the flavor.


Mint: sugar, glucose syrup, hydrogenated coconut oil, gelatin, dextrin, natural flavor, corn starch, gum arabic.

Mixed Fruit: sugar, glucose syrup, hydrogenated coconut oil, gelatin, dextrin, natural and artificial flavor, gum arabic, coloring.

For nutritional information, you can write to:

Nutritional Data P.O. Box 18190 Erlanger, KY 41018

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