Monday, November 23, 2009

The Fight For Breast Cancer!

Me and a couple of my friends have started a fund for breast cancer called C G O Cares. The reason we chose to fund breast cancer is because my friend Gracie (who is the president of C G O Cares) has two aunts that are breast cancer survivors and her great aunt died of it. So we have been selling cookies to raise money for breast cancer research. We aren't exactly sure what breast cancer research place we are going to donate to yet but we have been searching for one, here are the two that we have been considering... The Susan G. Komen Foundation and The National Breast Cancer Foundation. I made a flyer that people can buy cookies from and another one that explains what I am trying to do. I am hoping that I can pass out the flyers at a local school, but I am still waiting for an answer from the principle of the school. I am going to paste the flyer and order sheet I made on my blog for you to take a look at, but unless you go to the school I am sending the flyers to you can't buy any because it would get way to complicated to send and everything. Any way here it is hope you enjoy! :)

C G O Cares – A Supporter in Breast Cancer

For years women have battled with breast cancer, trying to find a cure. Gracie Williams, Catherine Hanson, and Olivia Tan are having fundraisers, and selling cookies to raise money for breast cancer research. We will be donating all the money we make to breast cancer research, none will be going to us.

Why Breast Cancer?

The reason we chose breast cancer is because 2 of Gracie’s aunts are breast cancer survivors and her great aunt died from it and we realize how important and scary it is to have a relative with that type of disease and we want to help all the other families out there that are waiting for a cure. Some people want to leave it to everyone else to find the cure but we are acting now to prevent it!


We need a way to earn money to donate and we have decided to sell cookies! If you want to help find a cure just fill out the form on the back and buy a couple. Each cookie is $0.75, the price may seem a little high but it’s for a good cause. So please help and buy some cookies for breast cancer battlers! J

- Olivia, Catherine, Gracie


Actually I couldn't get the order sheet up on the blog, only the flyer :( but if you want one I know how to email it to you. If you want one email me at and please send me your email address that I should send it to, or if you have any questions you can email me at THANK YOU :)

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  1. Hey Liv,
    This is Emily.Also hi Gracie and Catherine. I don't know the C and G. But I know the O(livia). Although I don't you two, I just wanna say what you are doing is AWESOME. It encouraged me more to give instead of get this Christmas.Every year we DITCH someone. It's where we find someone who's in a bad place in life.The person that we chose THIS year has a heart defect, and could die any minute.I'm trying to save up money for our ditch to buy AS MANY gifts as POSSIBLE..You guys are a real inspiration. I hope you have A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and keep on doing what your doing.....Love you -emily