Sunday, August 22, 2010


You know when you have one of those teacher's who just won't stop picking on you and just doesn't like you................ well I've got one of them. Whenever I do something she always stops or questions me. Like one time she was one of the leaders on a retreat that we went to and we had to ask or leaders if we wanted to call someone, so everyone was calling their parents to say hi and everyone was asking to call and she was just like OK. But when I asked to call she said, "why", and I'm just like because I want to say hi and she's like OK just tell them I say hi and that you love them. I'm just like OK. So I come out of my room when I'm off the phone and she starts asking if I told them everything she told me to. I'm like so embarrassed because she didn't tell any of the other girls something like that. I'm just like leave me alone lady! (That is in my head of course) Another time we were in church singing a song and my friend and I are swaying side to side. Then I lost my balance a little and fell. Then the teacher pulls me over by her and tells me that I'm being crazy and gets mad at me yet again I'm embarrassed. It's just like does she want to ruin my life. I'm not the only one that doesn't like her, my other friends are always telling me that she always point me out for doing nothing. If that's the way she shows she cares about me that's a stupid way!

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