Wednesday, February 16, 2011


At my sisters high school there having this game called assassin, it's where you are assigned someone to "assassinate," with a Nerf gun. But you're not allowed to shoot them at school, church, or work. So if you want to shoot them you literally have to stalk them after school, but you don't want to let them know that you are after them. But you also have to watch out for whoever is trying to "assassinate" you. Last man standing gets $75.00, second place gets $49.00, and third place gets $25.00 in saving bonds. So ya, oh  on the weapons section of the paper explaining the game says, no Nerf balls, real weapons, pineapples, or anything other than a Nerf gun. My sister was assigned her teacher so the other day my sister snuck into his house and "assassinated" her teacher!!! LOL. So now she has the person her teacher had to "assassinate." So that's how the game works, just thought that was a pretty weird thing our school does.

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