Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catch up... oooo....Ketchup

I haven't posted alot about me so.... well... i decided to so anyway, today i went to the pool, joy wok, and ate a snow cone, go to zeke's tropical sno. :) yesterday i painted my room with hope and kelsie :) PURPLE :) so ya it looks good but i was so tired of painting yesterday i wanted to kill someone lol. umm well i'm done with alice in wonderland btw that was a dance/theatre thing, but i kinda forgot to mention that to some people so.. they were suprised. my next show is at the irish fest and it's called "the knights and princesses of the high kings of ireland" i'm a maiden in that. so ya thats going on in september and rehersals are like almost every day in august. i'm still begging my mom to home school, i want to sooooooo bad!!!!! hmmmm... i have alot of trilogy camps...well actually not alot only 2... so ya..... this summer we are trying to move into a new house and a working on putting our house on the market. oh and i found out about a show called 24 and it's so exciting it's about a government agent named jack bower. oh and i am bummed because i found out that the new season of psych doesn't come out untill this fall but i thought it was this summer :( sad face.... so my brother who is turning 21 is staying for the summer and working on making a debate website thing. i'm so happy that school is out so i can have a bunch of sleepovers and hang out with friends and stuff. i'm going to michigan this summer to see my grandparents and so i have to go now and so ya you just learned alot about me in this post so ya i have just overwhelmed you with information bwahahahahah...ha..ha... ok that is getting older and older as i type lol lol lol ok i need to stop....... good-bye :)

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