Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hey I'm having a contest for whoever comes up with any of the following.
The longest list of stuff to do when I am bored (Label: Amuse Me)
The most awesome thing to do when your bored (Label: Best Idea when BORED)
The funniest/cutest/awesomest video ever (Label: THE VIDEO)
The best website ever (Label: THE WEBSITE)
The funniest/coolest/awesomest picture (Label: THE PICTURE)
The coolest place you have been with picture (Label: My Vacation)
The coolest piece of art work (Label: ARTY FARTY)
(You have to have made it your self; no sending stuff from other websites)
If you win any of these you get a bag of awesomeness (VIA....EMAIl....don't ask)
Send any of these things to bluecandylover@gmail.com
There is no limit to any of these you send in.
If you win you might just get a bag-o-candy... or some type of prize...... SO SEND, SEND, SEND!!!

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